Voxel RTS (prototype)

A voxel-based RTS where the primary resource is the landscape itself


The idea

The premise is this – you and your opponent land on opposite sides of a randomly-generated island.

You start with a limited supply of nanobots which you use to do your bidding – primarily absorbing/digging up the landscape.

What you absorb/dig up determines what units you can build and their capabilites.

You could also use the digging itself as a weapon – undermine your opponents base and cause their buildings to collapse.

You can dig effectively infinitely downwards – extra chunks are generated when needed.

In this prototype

  • Procedurally-generated island
  • Dynamic mesh updates as you dig holes/make blocks etc
  • Tri-planar texturing for the landscape
  • Hardly-noticeable faked ambient occlusion on the blocks
  • Transparent water with coastal effects
  • Running/flowing water if you make holes near the water
  • Sound effects where the water is flowing, and along the beaches
  • Day/night cycle
Controls are:
  • Scroll around by moving the cursor to the edges of the screen
  • Rotate/tilt camera - Drag while holding the middle mouse button
  • Zoom – Scroll wheel
  • Dig holes – Ctrl + right-click
  • Make blocks – Ctrl + Alt + right-click
  • Make a shockwave effect – Right-click
  • Get your mouse cursor back – hit escape


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